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We research the latest trends and management techniques in inventory management. If you've seen something that you think others would be interested in please contact us and we'll share the knowledge.

Can accuracy in inventory management ever be bypassed? Chelsea Sutherland examines the pros and cons of keeping recorded and actual business assets up to date.

Excel can save a lot of time when managing inventory, but is it always the best fit? Chelsea Sutherland considers the alternatives.

Resident expert Alan Wright describes what you can achieve when you know and track your most popular inventory items. It's far more than most managers would realize.

Quoting is the process of giving a final cost to a customer before they commit to a purchase. You may of heard the term 'pro-format invoice', understanding how it works provides a real benefit to your customers.

Keeping track of stock, sales and customers can not only be a hassle but demanding. Find out how inventory software can make many tasks manageable and fundamentally change how you run your business.

Universities and colleges spend big chunks of their budget on resources, a recent study shows much of which goes to waste. But is the waste enviable or can it be managed?

Medical services are often associated with high cost administration services. Our inventory expert Alan Wright lays out a lost cost alternative that keeps all the bells and whistles.

Alan Wright discusses some of the legal implications of keeping your inventory data safe and how educating your employees is an important often overlooked process in today's data hyped world.

Online security is a real concern for many businesses. Are basic security methods enough or do we all need to be computer experts?

Email has been shown to be one of the most cost effective methods of marketing. Find out how inventory software can give you a surprising hand.

Alan Wright discusses the biggest trend in e-commerce and how you can benefit.

Electronic security often seems to receive negative press, but are paper records really more secure? Alan Wright cuts through the hype and compares the measurable benefits.

Merchandisers selling goods isn't anything new, however new techniques in understanding customers can give merchandisers opportunities that aren't immediately obvious.

Can flexibility co-exist with ease of use? Our resident expert Alan Wright explores some simple storage and promotions that can have big benefits.

Jon Walker gets excited about how new features in iMagic Inventory v4.37 can help your business.

While schools don't have traditional customers they do carry a large investment in resource inventory and can benefit through some simple inventory management practices.

Spending money in the obvious place isn't always the most cost effective. Alan Wright dives into the world of inventory management and POS to examine some alternatives.

The idea of brainstorming has been around for sometime, but are their hidden benefits for business planning being missed?

Intuition is often overlooked in business as some kind of voodoo, but what if you could trust it by measuring your ideas before acting on them?

Some stories Jon Walker would rather not tell, in this heart felt plea he describes why and how backing up your most critical data is important.

In this quick how-to guide Jon Walker explains how you can create item fields that aren't natively included in iMagic Inventory and use them in a custom MS Word invoice.