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Manufacturing Inventory Software

Manufacturing companies are different from merchandising companies in that they actually manufacture the goods that they then sell to retailers, wholesalers and various other manufacturers. A manufacturer's inventory consists of raw materials, work-in-progress; all finished goods, the manufacturing supplies as well as packaging supplies. This also means you tend to have a large amount of small stock at your facilities or units.

The Challenges you Face

The industry faces numerous challenges such as costs that are heading northward, competition, sourcing and training skilled-labour and rules and regulations that have to be met. This sounds familiar doesn't it? Yes, running a well-oiled manufacturing business poses certain distinct challenges.

Scheduling, purchases, shipping, customer-management and accounting; there are just too many facets to a manufacturing business and until and unless you have an efficient software to bring all these facets together, they will remain scattered like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Our software encompasses all your business operations into one simple solution. The iMagic Inventory software is created to ease some of that burden off your back.

Keep a Track of It All

We at iMagic understand the demands and needs of the modern-day manufacturer. Our manufacturing software is the perfect solution for job shops, make-to-to-order manufacturing and contract units. If better inventory-visibility, increased productivity and higher service levels is what you are looking for, iMagic Inventory software is made just for you. Our affordable software:

Customization is the Key

iMagic Inventory software simplifies the estimating process, allows users to create various complex labour estimates as well as those 'quick notes' that are required ever so often. You can also get material and overhead estimates as required. These can be easily emailed or faxed with attachments like pictures or documents. The quotes can be turned into orders automatically and double entries are a thing of the past. In addition to this, our convenient and fool-proof software:

Eliminating Errors

Running an efficient business is a lot about eliminating errors. iMagic Inventory software files away all those rough edges that exist in your current system and ensures that the gears of your unit work in perfect tandem with each other to lend your business the momentum it needs to function at 100% efficiency and profitability levels.

Seamless Functioning

It helps all concerned personnel stay on the same page and ensures that there are no broken links between the shop-floor right upto the end-client. All these things go a long way in keeping costs down and help you spend money wisely. You also avoid making any poor choices such as overstocking on any slow-moving inventory. Our ingenious software will smooth the path in:

You Reap the Benefits of Our Innovation

In short, iMagic Inventory software is your sanity check in a business that can be no less than a maze. Our software is designed for quick download and installation and provides broad functionality. Every single aspect of the software is elegant and flexible and you will never consider using any standalone options again.

Every feature of our software is customizable and we believe that limiting the options will be a spoke in the wheel of your business. The ease and simplicity of iMagic Inventory is the USP of our product. We believe that taking our innovation in software one notch higher will help you raise the bar in your business.

Download our free manufacturing inventory software trial and see the benefits for yourself.