iMagic Inventory

iMagic Inventory Top Features

Some of the more commonly used features of iMagic Inventory, the Learn More page has a broader overview.

Invoice Management

Create Invoices and Quotes

Invoices automatically update stock levels, total cost and assign a customer. Just click and go. Quotes allow you to create orders without immediately assigning stock.

Invoice History

Invoicing is recorded allowing you to view outstanding or completed invoices.

Record Payments and Payment Methods

Record payments made against an invoice and any outstanding amounts. Paid in full invoices are automatically archived, while outstanding invoices or customer bills can be reported on.

Stock Adjustment from Warehouse and Location

Inventory can be recorded against Warehouses and Locations, as a stock item is added to an invoice it's available stock is automatically updated.

Pre-Built Invoice Templates

Several pre-built invoices are available out of the box, including standard invoices, quotes and receipts.

Customizable Invoices

Pre-built invoices allow for some customization, such as company logos. Complete custom invoice designs are available using MS Word.

Optional MS Word Invoice Design

If you have access to MS Word you can create your own custom invoice and quote layouts.

Invoice Notes

Notes can be assigned against an invoice for recall by either the customer or sales agents.

Inventory Discounts

Discounted amounts are recorded within the invoice itself, allowing discounts to be applied per customer or date.

Customer Quick Search

Customer details can be quickly looked up at anytime.

Quick Invoice Find

Invoice details can be quickly looked up at anytime.

Import Invoice Wizard

Invoices can be imported via standard CSV files from other applications.

Export Invoices

Invoices can be exported to standard CSV files, allowing them to be used in other applications.

Stock Item Management

Stock Database

At it's core iMagic Inventory creates a central database for all your stock information. If you need it you can find it quickly and easily.

Assign and Print Barcodes

Many standard barcodes can be created from within iMagic Inventory, you can print to a specialized barcode printer or use an inkjet with labels.

Multiple Price Lists

Item's can have any number of custom price lists, you may want to record wholesale, retail, pre-purchase, franchize or any other price.

Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations

A stock item can be assigned to one or several locations, allowing you to record and track stock in multiple buildings, warehouses, shelves or any other storage situation.

Customizable Item Fields

There are many pre-defined item fields available, but if something isn't covered you can create custom fields allowing you to record any information against you may need against an item.

Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc)

Item Tracking records individual actions on individual items in stock, you may use it for recording serial numbers, manufacturing processes, treatments or any other situation where you need to record when something specific has happened to a specific individual item.

Minimum and Reorder Levels

As well as tracking stock levels iMagic Inventory allows you to enter minimum stock levels, when the number in stock reaches that point you can create reorders based on the Reorder Level.

Automated Stock Reordering

Stock reordering be made manually by recording when stock arrives or automatically by scanning the current stock level, matching low stock items against vendors and creating reorders.

Item Pictures

One of the in-built item fields commonly used is the item picture, allowing you to record a relevant image of an item.

Automatic Item Numbering

While you can assign unique item numbers manually you don't need too, have iMagic Inventory create and manage your item numbers (and optionally barcodes).

Assign Category and Sub-Categories

Organize items into category and sub-categories for locating and reporting on inventory usage.

Quick Stock Find

Quickly locate existing stock descriptions, levels and pricing using common search terms at any time.

Item Groups

Group together commonly occurring items either into a single group name or to add them all to an invoice at once.

Receive Stock

Specialized receive stock screen for updating stock levels, find the stock item quickly and enter in the received amount.

Reduce Stock Levels

A specialist screen allowing for the reduction of stock levels. Find the item quickly based on common fields and enter in the quantity to reduce by.

Transfer Stock Between Locations

You can store stock in several locations, the transfer stock allows you to easily update the stock level at both locations at once.

Stock Count

Make your stock count and checking on-shelf stock levels with recorded stock levels easy. Either by using a laptop or tablet, printing existing stock level reports the actual stock level can be updated directly.

Different Item Units

Each stock item can be assigned different units of measurement, allowing you to accurately track stock levels.

Import Inventory Wizard

Often you wont want your stock control software to exist in isolation, the Import Inventory Wizard allows you to import stock details via standard CSV files. You can import all details or just some, overwrite or update.

Export Inventory

The export system allows you to send your inventory details out to standard CSV files, which can then be imported into other systems.

Filter View

Quickly filter large inventory lists by categories.

Customer Management

Customer Database

As customers are added to an invoice, they are automatically added to the central database.

Billing Address and Shipping Address

Both addresses are supported, allowing shipments and invoices to be sent appropriately.

Track Customer Payments

Invoices can be marked as paid in full or partially paid. With any current outstanding balances reported. Standard Invoice Terms can optionally be set to 30, 60 and 7 days.

Amount Owing Reports

Check customer balances at any time for ordered items.

Customer Quick Find

Existing customers can be quickly found searching on common fields such as business name, contact, address, etc.

Import Customer Wizard

Customer details can be imported from other systems via standard CSV files.

Email Mailing List Wizard

An in-built marketing mailing list wizard automatically combines customers email addresses into a single document.

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment types can be tracked against each invoice.


Built in Reports

Common reports come pre-configured and ready to go as standard. Including interactive reports for business analysis.

Print to Printer, Plain Text, PDF or Web Page

Once a report is generated it can be printed or saved to different formats ready to be emailed.

Compatible with MS Access and Crystal Reports

Custom reports can be generated with standard industry software including MS Access and Crystal Reports.

Invoice Graphs

Built in interactive reports for graphs can be generated in real-time.

Compare Item Sales with Graphs

Interactive graphs can be used to compare multiple item sales.

Compare Category Sales with Graphs

Categories sales can be compared and displayed graphically in barcharts, line, area, etc.

Category Reports

Report on item stock levels within categories.

Customer Sales Reports

Report on which customers have ordered and how much over a date range.

Customer Owing Reports

Show customer outstanding balances.

Commission Reports

Show sales agents commission based on a percentage profit or total sales.

Reorder Reports

Both manual and automated reorder reports for low or repeating stock.

Cost and Profit Reports

Report on the cost of stock and sale value, with a quick summary of profit.

Item Sales Reports

Report on individual item sales between date ranges, showing who ordered and how many.

Item Tracking Report

Report on Tracked Items, such as those used on serial numbers or whenever the individual movement of items should be recorded.

Price Lists

Generate multiple price list reports showing items and cost for retail, wholesale, etc.

User Tracking Reports

See which users created which invoices on what date.

Vendor Item Report

Report on which vendors are currently preferred for each item.

Vendor Reorder Report

Automatically generate item reorders for each vendor based on stock and reorder levels.


Easy to Use Interface

All of our features are based on an easy to use and understand interface.

Database Backup

Backups can be manually made or automated through Windows Backup or any preferred backup software.

Track Sales Agents and Commissions

Orders can optionally be marked against a sales agent for tracking commission targets.

Import/Export to standard CSV files

Standard CSV links allow iMagic Inventory to connect and integrate into other platforms.

Multiple Tax Rates

Different tax rates can be saved allowing for state, country, international and non-profit, educational tax laws.

Compatible with MS Office

iMagic Inventory can be extended using MS Office, either by creating custom invoices (Word), custom reports (Access) or data analysis (Excel).

Desktop, Cloud, Web, SQL Server and Custom Editions

We're able to scale iMagic Inventory to your budget and technical needs. Either with the standard desktop edition or a fully hosted remote desktop on a custom built scalable server.

Barcode Scanner Support

Full barcode support is included on related features, with standard barcode scanners.