iMagic Inventory
Monday, April 7, 2014 / Alan Wright

Keeping track of stock, sales and customers can not only be a hassle but demanding. Find out how inventory software can make many tasks manageable and fundamentally change how you run your business.

This is a technological age and today's retail or online stores can only grow as far as their technology allows them to grow. Where there is limitation in technology or organization, so is there limitation in growth. There are boundaries, or even obstacles, that will prevent a business from reaching its full market potential.

This is why it is recommended that store owners start investing in the future today, by purchasing inventory software that can offer a scalable system of tracking and reporting. You will notice right away that there is a huge amount of technical software, apps, and commercial systems that can help you manage bits and pieces of your business. What you really want, however, is a software program that does both.

Invoicing Software

This is what iMagic Inventory can do, as it is an invoice software program that tracks managerial tasks, inventory items, as well as employee invoice tracking. Not if you're new to inventory systems, you might not quite understand how a centralized system makes tracking easier for you. It's not merely that that you only have to load the program once, as opposed to running multiple applications within a session.

It's the fact that with iMagic's system, blends in perfectly with the inventory management software, becoming an all in one system that lets store owners and their employees keep track of all recorded information, in "live" time.

The advantage of is in the ability to record all financial data, without the need to manually add up receipts, as well as the ability to record purchases and payments, and retain customer data.

The only reason software would be valuable to you is if it is scalable and easy to fit in line with your company, and the capacity to integrate with a merchant-processing system, without any great complexity. Without these basics, a system would be more trouble than it's worth. The user interface is the most important feature, and much work has gone into the iMagic system to ensure that it integrates smoothly and works with other programs on your computer, such as Microsoft Office.

For example, if you had an online retail business selling computer supplies and parts, you could use the iMagic system to create invoices, auto-generated by the data you enter based on customer details and pricing structures you set. You can also make use of a variety of templates for easy use. Since many transactions in computer sales involve repeat customers, you can save time with iMagic's customer database feature, which automatically saves and reprints customer information for new invoices. There is also a way to import your customer database from another system, or even an email program.

Inventory Management Software Makes Tracking Products Easy

iMagic Inventory is also designed to save time and simplify the process, even while allowing maximum freedom for growth. Stock levels are auto updated, based on what you create with invoices, and you can manage your inventory with ease making use of iMagic's easy implementation with a barcode scanner. The inventory manager can track and report back on all inventory items, as well as total stock (with stock level alerts), what warehouse or bins they are located in, and multiple pricing structures, including wholesale merchandise, special, retain, and so on.

iMagic Inventory is made for small companies who dream big - who want to grow and reach milestone after milestone. Give the program a try, as you have nothing to lose from a free demo download. It may be the best investment for a small business destined to grow.