iMagic Inventory

Education and Training Inventory Software

Educational institutions like universities, business institutes and colleges have vast amounts of fixed assets and training course materials that have to be managed effectively. This is important from an accountability and regulatory perspective. Many institutions suffer from very high instructional material losses and the tracking processes they use are highly labour-intensive as well.

The Automation Quotient

Having a comprehensive picture of the assets that your organization owns, knowing where they are where they need to be, allows you to maximize your resources and minimize costs related to lost assets. It also helps you more accurately project for any future purchases and ensure that students have easy access to the materials they require. We at iMagic Inventory understand how critical it is for you maintain records, have quick access and monitor and manage educational institution assets.

The Bird's Eye-View

Many universities and colleges operate out of multiple campuses and managing inventory at this level becomes an even more difficult task. Our software will help you gain complete control over all educational resource spending. It will also provide you a district-wide view of all the resources you own.

Our inventory management solutions help you ensure that those laptop carts, textbooks, student workbooks and research materials are available as and when they are required. Having a streamlined, centralized system like iMagic Inventory helps:

Managing Fixed Assets

Universities and other institutes that run training courses, also tend to have a number of fixed assets. Educational institutions that have multiple locations will have even more assets to track and manage and it is imperative to adapt an automated tracking system. We have researched hard and innovated to create the iMagic Inventory software for university inventory.

This centralized and flexible tool will be able to iron out all those creases that exist in your current asset management system. Disconnected data access will eventually affect the bottom line. With our software you can:

Multi-Faceted Functionality

When it comes to asset and training material management software, simplicity, functionality and scalability is what matters. iMagic Inventory excels on every parameter. But that's not all; it's totally customizable and user-friendly. Now you can document and account for all the assets that your institution holds. No more fazing-out when you need to provide on-demand reports.

Easy does it!

Regulators, auditors as well as watchdog groups have a penchant for requesting for documentation at a moment's notice. With iMagic Inventory, information like the initial cost of any asset, its usage, who has it, its location and the condition it is in, will all be at your fingertips.

Our software is a robust, effective, efficient and complete solution that can be used in a variety of inventory control and asset tracking applications. Let iMagic Inventory take those worry lines off your inventory management process and off your brow as well.

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