iMagic Inventory

Retail Inventory Software

Today's business environment is highly customer-centric and the retailing landscape is getting increasingly demanding and competitive. As the retail wars heat-up and economic pressures build-up, managing retail inventory becomes a very challenging task. Ensuring that your customer's product demands are met on time is not just about stocking shelves and displays. It's a lot about controlling inventory costs at your retail set-up and assuring consistent high shelf-availability. This becomes even more relevant when you have some ongoing promotions.

A Matter of Scale

Small and medium-sized retailers face challenges such as lost opportunities that are a result of out-of-stock conditions or because a store associate could not locate a certain item. Those who run home businesses face similar challenges albeit on a slightly smaller scale. No matter what the size or nature of the business, smooth operations are directly linked with profitability and repeat business.

iMagic Inventory helps you in maintaining all accurate inventory positions and in tracking exactly where the inventory is. Transactions can be processed in real-time and the reports get updated instantaneously. In addition, the information is also visible to all channels and this helps in saving a sale. The inventory information can be imported from the spreadsheet that a user is working on and the products can be bar coded for simplified sales checkout.

The Powerful One

iMagic Inventory software packs a punch without sporting too much of an attitude. It's straightforward, simple and user-friendly to the core. It's adaptable and flexible and the perfect alternative for traditional paper inventory and a cash register. You can make invoices that in effect, are the receipts, which ends up saving you a great deal of time.

The Unique Solution

iMagic Inventory is a one of a kind PoS software that helps you track inventory, maintain customer and daily sales information. The simplicity of the system is complemented by its scalability and expansive functionality. It helps in:

Manifold Benefits

The multi-fold benefits ensure that every report is updated on time and you have immediate visibility of what's in stock, has been ordered or is in transit. You also have the functionality to receive an automated notification when you are about to run out of a particular item. Your purchase orders are generated which goes a long way in streamlining inventory management in your business and it also:

A Balancing Act

Stock tracking is one factor of a retailing or home-run business that needs constant fine-tuning. IMagic Inventory helps you identify which the fast-running and slow-moving items are and you end up taking better business decisions. Once you identify the slow-movers in your stock, you can adjust the pricing and placement and make immediate changes. Another benefit is that you can also identify if customers are buying certain products in pairs and align them accordingly on your store shelves.

Managing a retail business is a lot about being in-sync with the market vibe and customer behaviour. Fortunately, you don't have to stress yourself too much with analysing and strategizing. Let iMagic Inventory handle that aspect of your business while you channelize your energies in areas that need more attention and help you focus on customers, their preferences and demands.

The Smart Partner

iMagic Inventory is your smart business partner that offers comprehensive functionality in a set of modular and customizable solutions that address all your merchandising and inventory management needs, eases the procurement process as well as supplier management needs. A centralized, cohesive software system that offers rich inventory support to enhance accuracy levels is what the iMagic Inventory is.

It eliminates all those faux pas that are an inherent part of any retail function and rids the processes of all the moss and mould to create a shiny, glitzy and more dynamic business, just as you want your enterprise to be. Move out of assumption-mode that you have sufficient stock of a certain item. Stop thinking that the supplies have been replenished and that orders have been placed. Eliminate all the guesswork and don a cloak of confidence and assurance. Adapt the iMagic Inventory approach and see your retail inventory management worries fade into the shadows.

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