iMagic Inventory

Why do you need Inventory Software?

Every business reaches a point where it's more efficient to manage resources than aquire new ones. Inventory software allows you to manage existing resources which is crucial for company growth.

How can imagic inventory help?

iMagic Inventory is an easy to use software system that manages your inventory, customers and invoices. It will enable you to deal with more information more quickly and with more ease. The result will be that you save time, effort and money.

Why iMagic Inventory?

iMagic Inventory has these benefits:

It really is easy to use - we've kept our interface simple, simple, simple! This makes creating and managing invoices easy. We also have a Configuration Wizard that helps get you started in no time. Increased productivity - by letting your computer do the number crunching and tracking of invoices and so on it frees up your time. Many tasks become automated such as converting quotes to invoices, tracking outstanding charges, reordering, etc.
Quality support - from the people who developed the system. We don't outsource our support to people who don't know how it works, so you get the answers you need to the depth you're looking for. We make regular updates available with the latest features and bug fixes. We also offer email and web forum support, articles and tips and tricks on helping you to manage your inventory.
Trending timely updates. With regular updates based on ideas from our customers and the latest inventory management trends from businesses all over the world. We're designed around you in order to help you manage your business.

Common Uses of iMagic Inventory

iMagic Inventory is used in a wide range of industries for varied tasks including:

Tracking inventory levels and stock reordering.
Creating quotes for clients, then as they are confirmed turning them into invoices - automatically updating charges and stock levels.
Managing internal business supplies and tracking their use to department and employee.
Recording sales against sales agents, then producing commission reports for performance based payments.

For more details on iMagic Inventory view our Feature List.