iMagic Inventory

iMagic Inventory - Which Barcode Scanner?

Just about any barcode scanner will work with iMagic Inventory. To be sure a scanner will work just check that they "scan the barcode into the keyboard buffer", almost all of them do. Some examples of scanners that would work with iMagic Inventory are:

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LS2208 Barcode Scanner LS2208-1AZU0100ZR

Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner

USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Scanning Barcode Bar-code Reader with Hands Free Adjustable Stand

Wired handheld USB CCD Barcode Scanner Reader wired LED CCD reader

2.4G Cordless handheld laser automatic barcode scanner

Barcode scanners can save you time when managing your inventory. The process works by assigning a "barcode" to an item, this is basically a unique number that when printed forms a series of parallel black lines. When the barcode scanner "scans" the barcode it registers the unique number which in turn pulls up the item. The saving in time occurs since you don't need to manually enter in the item details in order to search for it on your stock list, you just scan and it comes up. For every item you scan you'll save an average of 5 seconds, multiply 5 seconds by several hundred items scanned in a day, then again in a week and over a year and you'll save a substantial amount of time.