iMagic Inventory
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 / Alan Wright

Merchandisers selling goods isn't anything new, however new techniques in understanding customers can give merchandisers opportunities that aren't immediately obvious.

The face of business is changing. While many chain stores are fading out their services, other businesses are springing up, inspired by the appeal of self-employment. Big businesses are expanding overseas, leaving an opening for flourishing small to medium sized businesses. Whether they are an expanding big business, operating a car repair garage, in the entertainment or tourism industry, or retail sales, they all need products from a merchandising company.

The most important asset to the merchandiser, next to adequate materials and laborers, is the client list. Some clients receive preferential treatment for their large invoice orders or regularity in making credit payments and dependability in returning for more products. Some clients are scheduled with special orders for exact details in a product that might not be a part of the standard offers. The client base is the bread and butter of the manufacturing machinery, and manufacturers want to ensure their clients are pleased.

A Good Customer Base Means Cost Effective Production

The client base is also who determines production needs. Until Point of Sales software, data collecting was a lengthy process, involving analysis of past purchases, buying trends and cost of production. It required keeping track of invoices, customer orders and raw material costs. The merchandiser also needed to be able to make accurate estimates on the time needed to complete a project and the amount of labor that would be involved. The merchandiser kept a complex system of multiple accounts to handle the numerous considerations involved in existing stock, production costs, taxes, and margin of profit.

With iMagic Inventory Point of Sale software, data keeping is stored in files that are well organized, quick and easy to find and will track and maintain records for you automatically. Materials and over-head cost estimates can be managed through e-mail or fax. Billing, packing orders and receipts can be formatted on the computer for quick response and accurate customer histories.

Supplying the Demand

Knowing your customer means knowing their demand for your products. It also means knowing their credit worthiness. Point of Sale iMagic software not only keeps a record of purchase orders and gives you an accurate cost estimate; it also gives you a customer profile, which includes their purchasing arrangements, scheduled dates for fulfilling orders, past purchases, and financial statements. You'll know exactly what your customers want, when they want it and have a good idea of how much they want even before they put in their next order.

New Offers

A changing business world looks for innovative ways to enhance its businesses. New products are routinely offered to the market, new designs and new implementations. Technology produces new raw materials, developed for strength, lightness, flexibility or other factors. Manufacturers of products wish to keep updated on materials that might enhance the qualities of their manufactured goods or that might save money on production. With iMagic Inventory, the tracking of manufacturing costs and sales are automatically stored, leaving the manufacturer free to incorporate fresh ideas and upgraded materials into the industry.

Businesses notoriously carry a lot of risks, especially if they misjudge the demand for their products, the reliability of their customer base or the costs involved in delivering finished goods. With iMagic Inventory, you have a complete database of costs, sales and labor, and a history of your clientele. The risks are reduced or eliminated altogether, as you can track the development and progress of your manufactured inventory. You can also make major decisions based on logic and a little creative thinking once you see the financial analysis of a company, instantly readable. Why not give iMagic Inventory a try using our free sample software instantly available through download?